Batman: Arkham Knight

First AAA title + DLC!

I was hired by Rocksteady to work Batman: Arkham Knight in QA, due to my previous experience I was placed with the Player code team as their embedded QA.

I was tasked with QA for all areas of "Batman and Batmobile" as a result I gained a great deal of incite of how player interactions are developed from a professional standpoint. I was tasked with covering Batman navigation, all the gadgets and gameplay interactions, the fear/predator takedown stealth system, freeflow combat, NPC/Vehicle AI and all the vehicular combat and navigation.

The best part of working on the project is because player code interacts with every department, I gained the opertunity to learn about areas I previously knew nothing about, it gave me a lot of perspective on how vital every role is when working on such a project with such a large scope and how each role interacts with each other.

My real take away from working B:AK is that making good games is hard work, but hard work is a lot easier when you know the people around you can be counted on.