GDC 2019 - Chaos

Had loads of fun working on this GDC Project, it was like making a vertical slice for a next gen destruction game.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Amazing film! Super inspired after watching it, loved Spider Gwen's ballet landing so much I had to do my own.

Retroblast - Visual upgrade

  • Gave the game a much needed visual upgrade using post process effects
  • Added damage state VFX (The number of fires actually grows as your overall life goes down)
  • Reworked slowmo/reflex combat system

GDC 2017 - UE4 Animation and Physics

It's strange working on the engine development side of games, but as a bonus I get to test and help improve all the cool new tools people will be using in the future before everyone else!

I had a lot of fun bridging the programmer / end user gap when it came to these features, especially the control rig. I also learned a lot about what the future of Animation looks like within the games industry.

Retroblast - Game feel

  • Made the character larger
  • Added banking animations
  • Added damage + damage recovery system
    (If you get hit once you get damaged,g et hit again during the recovery period you die)
  • Improved camera "lookahead" player is now offset from screen center to help when flying fast towards enemies
  • Added UI elements for kill count game time and total score
  • Added pause and restart screen

Retro Blast - Player interaction

  • Implemented a unique touch screen control system, swipe twice to boost, double tap to break.
  • Added the ability to boost

Retro Blast - Design elements

I wanted to have 'simple' way to tell players what buttons activated which doors and instead of just manually creating every connection, I took the Tech Artist approach and created a small construction script that utilizes an array of corners that can be placed by the user to dynamically add a very low poly mesh. This means it is easy to move design elements around. Still very WIP but it's a good start.

Retro Blast - Game feel and Combat

  • Added buttons for fire and boost.
  • Switched the model out for something nicer.
  • Added a camera interpolation system so you can "Look ahead" on the tiny phone screen
  • Started crating a basic lock/ key mechanism with boxes that you can pick up.
  • Set up my own P4 server (Which was easy thanks to the creator of this YouTube playlist.)

Retro Blast - Hello World

For awhile I've wanted to make my own "thing" in UE4. I've been interested in the blueprint system for a while now. My brain likes visuals so carefully connecting logical spaghetti into spaghetti sounds like something I could learn to do.

I actually started making a 3rd person co-op game, where you have to switch between characters to solve puzzles and evade enemies, then quickly I then started to realise that I wou;d never finish it and thus RetroBlast was born!

Because RetroBlast is going to be heavily focused on learning UE4 and attempting to develop a small prototype I created a separate blog to document how I solve problems encountered during development, I'll post periodic updates here too.

Batman: Arkham Knight

First AAA title!

I was hired by Rocksteady to work Batman: Arkham Knight, due to my previous experience I was placed with the Player code team as their embedded QA.

I was tasked with covering Batman navigation, all the gadgets and gameplay interactions, the fear/predator takedown stealth system, freeflow combat, NPC/Vehicle AI and all the vehicular combat and navigation. As a result I gained a great deal of understating in regards to how gameplay features are designed and developed.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working with the player code team was learning how a single feature is developed by various departments simultaneously.